I'm a new soul because of her

Every once in a while I hear a song that I wish I had written the words for or at the least had the voice to carry its tune. New Soul is my story for now. Something about the soft sound puts a noise to the beautiful innocence I see in my precious girl's eyes. So blue and pure and ready to take in something new. To learn something about this world that she's in and these people that she gets to play with everyday. And a fist that can make it to her mouth as she intently figures us out from the corner of her eye.

The round edges of her lips when her smaller version of my mouth makes the largest gummy smile manageable between those chubby cheeks. When she turns her head for cover as if her sweet smile were too much innocence for this strange world she's entered.

I experience being a new soul from her. Like maybe figuring out a familiar face is enough for a smile. Maybe kicking around on the ground in happiness is enough workout for today. Maybe there really is joy despite fear in making mistakes. Maybe, just maybe, a mother can experience her daughter's new soul, unscathed by outside influences. So what if I find myself making every possible mistake? I'm a young soul in this strange world hoping to learn for the World I'm destined to be a part of.