"The" Good News

I wish it were so easy to share good news with friends. Sure there’s warm feelings when a friend graduates college or gets married or overcomes even a basic daily obstacle. But I’m not just talking about "good news," I’m thinking more of "the" Good News.

I have a couple friends that I met in Mongolia. They’re a brother and sister from Canada that really helped make my experience in Ulaanbaatar one of sanity as a sixteen year old away from home and friends. I hear from them still. Marissa’s in a Christian evangelistic training school in Australia. Joel is... where is Joel? My most recent e-mail from him was sent from Mexico where he was on a mission trip experiencing amazing things and witnessing incredible acts of God’s love. I mean, real life miracles.

They e-mail not to keep up on the mundane of daily life but to report on the good things happening for the work of God. Could I only be so lucky to live a life with so much testimony to share! But isn’t it still possible? It exists now. A bit weaker than I’d like, but it’s there. A story of God’s working in and through my life. Teaching me things, showing me to a world beyond me and bigger than my day-to-day.