Calling it 'good'

A 5k. A 10k. Eventually a half marathon and the school’s sprint triathlon. When I was running regularly I had goals that I wanted to accomplish. It got put on temporary hold as I ceased running, then worked through a pregnancy and birth and now I’m looking again at those goals. Union’s sprint triathlon is in September and that could be a place to start, at least competing with a team. But 40 hours of work, finishing classes, chillin’ with the girly, and making sure I get time with the man, it’s all had a slow start.

After reading my sister-in-law Michaela’s blog last night I felt inspired. I also re-evaluated my goals, or rather, expectations. The last time I ran I had been doing so regularly and had been running 3 miles in increasingly lower times. I set a new one mile goal and beat it by five minutes! I’ll lower your impressed-ness with the humbling details. My goal was one mile in 20 minutes. I did it in 15, did some leg and stomach exercises and called it good.