Small steps to big accomplishments

Last semester I blogged about looking up Ikea instead of writing a 15-page paper required to pass a class necessary for my major and for my hoped-for diploma. Then I had a baby, leaving paper untouched and unconsidered for weeks. I took the final that I missed from that class (Brylee was born the Sunday of finals) and my grade crept up a few points. Weeks more passed and I was getting more e-mails that the grade had to be turned in within a few days for me to graduate, in addition to needing to start and complete and transfer 3 hours of history.

Motivation miraculously hit and I got an annotated bibliography done. Hours past and I turned in as much as I could for the 15-pager shamefully submitting the worst, most incomplete paper I've ever let anyone so much as read, let alone put a grade on. Just a few days until graduation, and... I did it! History class is completed and transferred. I completed Rhetoric with a proud A. And I get to march in my first graduation since the 8th grade! Yea!

Reaching the goal is thrilling and worth the work. But the process is my comfort. That 15-pager? I turned it in at 10-pages with lots of missing information. It's a work in progress that will become something worth reading. Funny thing is: it won't stop there. I plan to make life an on-going pursuit of goal-reaching. Jumping over one hurdle is just one jump closer to an even bigger hurdle. Small steps to big accomplishments. (And those "big" accomplishments are only medium sized steps to even bigger accomplishments.)