Totaled car and fit bodies

We totaled the car yesterday. Just a fender-bender. The other car went away with some scratches on his bumper. Our car's "drivable" with headlights crashed in, bumper cracked in half, and hood seriously bowed. With 300,300+ miles on the car, we had begun the search for a new one. Guess it's time to seriously search for a new one.

In the meantime, we're a little immobile. Daniel says, "The car still drives." But at the looks of it, I'm not sure about that. For now, the Pontiac sits in the carport. From behind you wouldn't even guess anything's wrong with it. And we're hoofin' it. Shae and I ran (I mean, literally ran) Brylee to daycare this morning, and rushed home to freshen up before her class presentation and my unlocking the door at work. Sucks that we're temporarily (I hope it's temporary) carless. On the bright side, we're getting a good workout AND being green friendly!