When the Saints

It's been a long road. Two months already without a car. Walking 4 miles a day. Losing 5 pounds with no intention of doing so. Humbling myself at my friends' mercy to help me run my errands. Staying around the house because it was easier than anything else. Wiping sweat off my forehead as I look down at my peacefully still little girl with heat-reddened cheeks. Finding a glimmer of hope from a Craiglist find to be disappointed. Or turned down. Left wondering about hope. And answers to prayer. And being just plain exhausted.

These are the worries that wash away as I sit and bask in this Sabbath. These are the worries that lift from me as I listen to Sara Groves "When the Saints." My worries may be small, but I'm gonna be faithful and devoted through them. And I'm gonna join the Saints in the end. Here are the lyrics.