Like no strings attached?

So, I'm all about the free thing. Just wanted to share a couple deals I've found recently that I'd love for you to benefit from too!
  1. Like the deals you've found on Craigslist? You'll love freecycle. It's an on-line community based on your geographical location where you can list things that you want to get rid of and clear out some unwanted junk while keep peace of mind knowing it's not going to a landfill. Plus, you have opportunity to claim treasures that others are listing. Sweet! Check it out at It's a little complicated getting started (I'm not familiar with Yahoo groups, so I had to figure that out) but it's totally worth it!
  2. One word: Redbox. Haven't heard of it? Check out and see if there are any locations near you. It's movie rentals for a buck. PLUS, if you sign up for the free rental notices, on Mondays they'll text a code for you to get a free rental. Not bad.
  3. While I'm on the topic of "free," check out John 8:36. You're free, no strings attached. How does it feel?
I'll keep you updated on any other deals I find. :)