"Going God?"

I can't help but relate my personal commitment to "green" with the commitment I've made to God. Am I as proud to be a God-follower as I am to be green? The guides in books and on the Web that are simple to follow and cover all areas of life--areas of my everyday... the products that are simple and practical... the benefits that are exciting... the reputation I have for being an advocate, for getting others in on the package... are those things as true for the God areas of my life as they are for the green areas?

Inspired by Earth911's "8 Ways to Green Your Significant Other," here are "8 Ways to Encourage Your Significant Other to 'Go God:'"

  1. Lead by design - Be a good example of what it means to "Go God." Don't just bring your friend to church. Apply daily application in your own life. If you're not doing it, they won't either. Get dedicated!
  2. Equip with knowledge - Do some research yourself to help them see where to get started--books or devotionals that have been helpful to you, or Web sites that are inspiring. Are they interested in a specific topic? Help them with a Bible study or a related book.
  3. Get up, get out, and do something - Getting involved in the world around you puts Christ's example into action. Volunteer, attend events or seminars, go to a concert, invite people over. Your involvement puts your faith into action, connects you with other people (we're not here to be hermits), and inspires your near and dear to do the same.
  4. All systems ready - The hardest part of a project is getting it started. I'm not positive where the parallel is here. The Green version is to set them up with recycling or get them green products. Buy your friend a Bible? Or perhaps a devotional that's changed your life.
  5. Support is a must - Each step may seem small but the goal (Heaven) is lifelong and can be discouraging. Be supportive and hold your friend accountable. Make a big deal, throw a party, send an e-card--let your friend know you see the change in their lives. If they're stuggling in an area, encourage them, and don't make excuses or enable--empower them to stick with their changes.
  6. Build community - Not everyone is going to make the choices you and your friend are now making. Build community with people that will have similar interests. Start a book club, a Bible study group, or a Sabbath School class. Build community with people that will encourage your growth and you can encourage theirs.
  7. Find alternatives - Alternatives for the Green community would be recycling rather than tossing or buying organic rather than chemical-based items. For the God community? Mix fun, healthy drinks. Watch movies that are inspiring or have a good moral (read the reviews). Replace grey comedies with something family friendly or have a night of playing Whose Line type games and create your own comedy.
  8. Take a God trip - after all this work and change, you and your friend deserve a vacation, so make it a God one. A trip with God's nature in mind is a great way to start off this new lifestyle.