Stuff Christians Like

I'm already a fan of the book and blog Stuff White People Like. Then a friend of mine sent me a link to Stuff Accountants Like. There's something about the clean appearance and the "official" sounding, yet sarcastic writing style on these blogs that can make one laugh and say "That's so true." It made me think about what a similar Christian-related blog would look like. It might seem mocking, but awakening to read the things "we" as Christians do that make us a people. It's what can also keep us away from true connection to a non-Christian world.

It turns out Stuff Christians Like already exists. It's not the exact set-up of the other two, and it doesn't have the same writing style that I love. But the impact is just as I imagined it being. There's laughs of "That's so true." Then I wonder how these "true" things may or may not be connected to Christ. Are the things I do helping or hindering the example Jesus already left as a TRUE Christian? It's worth pondering and perhaps a nervous laugh.