The Best of Motherhood

Being a mother really is great. These are some of my favorite parts:

  • Brylee’s hugs. She gets so excited to see Daniel and me.
  • Seeing her grow. She’s really starting to interact with us and become a little person with such personality.
  • Being a mother. Ha ha. But seriously, being a mom is a natural thing. So even when I feel clueless, I’m happy with this role and so glad to be an important part of my own family.
  • Being Wonder Woman. I seriously sometimes don’t know how things get done—Brylee’s healthy, the house is usually clean, I work full-time and usually have time to exercise, relax, and hang out with the husband. (He’s been an awesome teammate.)
  • Perspective. Being a mom has helped me think a little differently about our environment, the future and even my faith in God and the kind of example I am. I’m a little more intentional about some things around Brylee because I want her to learn by example to become an independent, healthy, educated woman as she grows up.
That's some of the best. Tomorrow: two of the worst.