The Worst of Mommyhood

Balance in life means even mommyhood isn't perfect. Here's two of it's worst:
  1. My selfishness. I sometimes get resentful that my time and energy are not my own. There’s two people relying on me to get things done and to be responsible. Like when Brylee’s having a temper tantrum when I have a headache; it’s hard to be positive and productive when I’m hurting and she’s crying and I’m supposed to put her needs above mine. (Enter husband. Daniel’s usually there to take lead when those situations arise or if I need a break.)
  2. Being the only one. Of course there are lots of mothers around, I’m just not going to hang out with them if the only thing we have in common is motherhood. Our friends are great with Brylee and still like being around us, but sometimes it’d be nice to have even a distant girlfriend that was a mother too.
There it is, the good and the bad. Ultimately, I am so blessed to be a mom!