Savor the moment?

A recession doesn't seem like something you'd want to remember forever. Images of the depression era make us sober in "I can't imagine what it was like." (Or for those who do remember, "I didn't know how'd we make it.") Images of this recession may or may not do the same. Either way, it's capturing the time and energy of some as they either look for inspiration to capture on film the essence of our times. It's worth a second look. Either to come to grips with what's really happening to others (here in Nebrsaka I easily forget) and find a way to reach out to fellow man. Or to find a source of laughter or hope in troubling times. The results could be both sobering (depressing?) and inspiring (good things DO happen in bad times). Slate has a group on flickr devoted to collecting recession images, and Andy Cook among others is blogging about it.

What do you think? Are these images and stories borderline-depressing or edging-on inspiration?