New IKEA bookshelves

We bought the Expedit 72"x72" bookshelves from IKEA yesterday. After the struggle to get them home (thankfully we knew someone there that had a truck and was able to help), we decided to go ahead and put them together. They're up, and here's my review.

  • Difficulty: Hard. Maybe it's because I've never put together a massive bookshelf before. Maybe it's because there's 20 small shelves to fit with 8 long shelves. Or maybe it's because we didn't realize the second bag of wooden dowels that said "Warning: use this bag of short dowels, not the longer dowels" until we were all done. Hmmm...
  • Quality: Good. We put a dent in the side by trying to "gently" hammer the side in and a scratch appeared sometime after shoving the boxes into and back out of our car. But overall, they're sturdy and should last us a while... if we don't move them.
  • Moveability: Not so much. They're huge, so it'd be difficult to safely pack them up and moved without causing dents/scratches, etc.
  • Appearance: not yet determined. I'll update when I've got books put away. But glad to have completed a large step to getting there!