Our Home: dining room before

Mmmm... a blank slate. I'll be getting a couple thin ledge shelves to hang here. Then I'll prop up framed artwork, which will make it pretty easy to chane it out whenever. I'm thinking either black shelves or light birch.

Do the doors really need curtains? Daniel's got blinds to hang up, but not sure if I want anything beyond that. A cool table runner might be neat, but I like a clean table. It just happens too rarely.

Thank you for this hutch, mom and dad! And the sturdy table. Okay, we'd have a big empty room without you guys.
  • Plants. I kind of like the flower pots without flowers, though life in them would be good.
  • Believe it or not I need more canisters, and maybe a place to put them.
  • A better way to store my hand towels. (They're crammed into that little shelf.)
  • Painted plates to hang on the wall. I have the plates and the spray paint, now I just need to get to work, and find a way to hang them.