Our Home: living room before

Our living room, and things on my to do list...

  • Curtains. Earthy and neutral. Maybe with a fun pattern/design, seems how everything else is so minimalist.
  • A lampshade update. It's not bad, but it turns our clean light into ugly yellow light. No overheading lighting, so that just won't do.
  • Throw pillows for the couch. Just a couple. Not sure what size/shape. The back looks like pillows, so I don't want the couch to look like pillow overkill.
  • A splash of color. Green, of course, and some yellow to brighten it up. Anything else will make it all too dark!
  • Replace love sack. Love sack's make more sense in a family room or den. I'd like a love seat, oversized chair, or maybe another smaller couch.
  • Wall art. I'm determined to not hang anything until I figure out a "plan" for this. I'll start with curtains, etc. then work on wall art/photos later. My biggest problem is I'm not sure which walls to leave empty. So for now I'm leaving them all empty.

  • New TV stand. Something low profile that will coordinate well with the selves. IKEA, of course, has a couple options.
  • Organization for DVDs, CD, wii-motes, etc.
  • Artwork/photos for the shelves.

  • Fish tank. I'm tired of looking at that silly box!
  • Pillow covers. Not sure where those pillows will end up, so haven't chosen covers yet.
  • This was initially supposed to be a reading nook, but it's just a behind-the-couch nook for fish. We have an old school green globe lamp I was going to hang here, but not sure if it makes sense here.

  • Organize. I have some cube crates that I plan on covering (with a fun fabric?) and putting along the bottom shelves, or maybe put 3 down there and put the magazine holders on the bottom as well.
  • Add lighting? IKEA had some cool lighting, but not sure if it'd bring too much attention.
  • Large photos on top. I read somewhere that nothing should be on top of a tall shelf unless you have a high ceiling. I'm feeling like disagreeing with that, so we'll see how it turns out. I don't plan on putting pictures on the other shelves, 'cause it looks cluttered too quick. I tried it already.

Overall, I'm so pleased with how these shelves turned out!