Our Home: entryway, hallway before

Here's our home, Heather (and others, of course). I'm also taking this opportunity of posting pics of our home to start drafting my "check list" to get me to the after photos. If you feel so inclined, give me feedback or ideas. Otherwise, enjoy this e-tour of our home and come visit soon!

There's not much to this entryway. It's an entryway, there isn't supposed to be much to it. Except it's the first welcome to our home. Here's my ideas for warming it up a bit:
  • A mirror and/or peice of cool wall art.
  • A lamp? The lighting leaves much to be desired.
  • A better rug. Different colors or a fun pattern.
  • Get rid of the coatrack? I love it, but it'll look silly left bare mostly yearround.
  • Add a bench or table. I want something with a shelf underneath to put shoes but could be used to sit if a bench or put a lamp, flowers and tray to collect "stuff" if a table.

Not sure if I want to put down any rugs or hang photos in the hall. If I do, that's probably the last thing I'll work on. Oh, and this is looking from the guest room doorway down toward the living room/dining room area.