To Do Today | new and improved!

My to do lists lose effectiveness, and flat out overwhelm, when you consider my tendency to list everything I've had on my mind to do in the last six months. I mean, why wouldn't today be the day that I declutter my guest room, make curtains for every window in the house, paint my plate set that's been sitting on a shelf for a month, make 2 brand new meals from scratch, and 95 other hands-on tasks? What? You don't have 50 hours in a day?

Okay, so I don't either. And that's why, I've come up with my new daily to do list. If I do at least this, then everything else is just a bonus that deserves a pat on the back...

Spend a moment with God.
Journaling a prayer, reading the Bible, getting inspired from a devotional, kneeling before Him. Doesn't matter how the time's spent, as long as it's with Him.

Freshen up.
Shower, wear lipgloss, put on an outfit that flatters, even a simple brushing of the teeth. Something to make an attempt to feel good about myself.

Drink water.
That plain and simple. At least a cup. Then maybe another.... followed by one more. But all I have to "worry" about is that first cold, refreshing glass.

Get outside.
Could be a short walk around the block or down the street, play in the yard, or sit on the front porch if it's raining. A few minutes of free-flowing air.

Think positively.
It could be a thankful moment or a forced "I will find at least one positive thing about today." At least a moment of optimism.

Do something productive.
Put the dishes away, pull the clothes out of the dryer, make the bed or take that box of junk to Goodwill. At least one nagging task.

Do something meaningful.
Have a conversation with family, send a note to a friend, play blocks with the girly or an impromptu game with the husband. At least one thing that makes today meaningful.

Take a moment and call it my own.
Take a bath, drop everything and go to Barnes, work on that desired DIY project, read. It's my moment, I get to do with it what I want.

>>What tops your daily to do list?