Home Cure - Week 3

Week 3 is all about the landing strip and creating a filter at the front door, with which I'm fortunately quite content. So here's week 3's accomplishments and inspiration.

1. Declutter front entrance. The front entrance is rarely cluttered as we rarely use it.

2. Create main door filter. The key elements include doormat, coat hook, and landing strip. Between the front and back door, we've got these covered. We just need a doormat at the back door for those rainy day shoes. As far as a landing strip? This is where I break rules and use the counter, plain and simple. I love this clean space so much, that clutter doesn't linger long.

3. Cancel unused subscriptions and get off junk mail lists. I signed up for the Do Not Mail list and for optoutprescreen.com which took care of the unwanted junk. The rest is wanted.

4. Finally, Apartment Therapy had some more questions that inspired me in getting rid of junk: Do I use it? Do I love it? Does my place need it?