New-Mom Worries... again

You'd think after having a baby you'd graduate into an "experienced mom" position and not question everything so much. But this go around seems to be introducing all kinds of new firsts, making me believe I'm headed into new motherhood all over again. Here's a sampling...
  • He's a boy. Pee pee teepees and circumcision were of no relevance last time. As I've watched the boys with an overabundance of energy in Brylee's Sabbath School class, I have been grateful for our little princess who enjoys a good coloring session and is regularly occupied with playing dress up and taking care of her babies (at 2 years old!). When potty training began, I pitied mothers of little boys for the average delay they experience (though now I realize Brylee's taking just as long to learn).
  • He'll be breastfed. Putting "breast is best" aside for a moment, can I just point out the wonder of bottles? My husband took more than his share of turns waking with Brylee for midnight feedings (hello, sleep and recovery!), leveling the bonding playing field, and freeing us for an occasional date out when someone offered. Because of my return-to-work time line and my incomplete knowledge of the time, we went the formula route. Now, as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), breastfeeding is in my job description (and, of course, I believe it to be best). But will I be able to transition? Will I ever be comfortable feeding my child in public? Will my "figure" ever recover? Will I ever get a break? However rational or irrational these thoughts are, they're there none the less.
  • He'll wear cloth diapers. I still can't believe that statement when I think/type/say/write it. There's many reasons I've been interested and many reasons I've finally decided it's time to just do it (all meant for another post), but can I really do it? Will we experience terrible leaks and diaper rash and return to Luvs? After a couple changes, will my husband abandon ship and refuse to be my teammate in this decision? I know what to expect with disposables, but will I ever read enough "insider info" to really know what to expect with cloth?
  • He has an older sister. There is something so very loving and overwhelming about that sentence. I am simply thrilled to see Brylee with her new brother! Not so thrilled at the image of a weary me lugging around a semi-independent preschooler and newborn baby in attempts to keep up with "simple" tasks like grocery shopping and errand running. Never mind the recovery period when it's no longer just "baby and me," because there's someone else that will need fed and bathed and loved. (Um, despite any criticism of it, thank you to whoever came up with paternity leave. I absolutely need Daniel there the first couple weeks!)
Just 20 (or less, or *gulp* more) weeks and I'll update on how new motherhood treats me.