Combinig Office and Nursery

Our only "spare" room has been nicely set up as our home office (for home management, my prior attempts at work, and Daniel's late night planning and grading) and defaulted as storage and occasional guest room with the addition of an air mattress.  This seemed to be the only logical place to bunk baby, as Brylee's room is quite a bit smaller and, with the gender and age differences, we don't plan on making them share a room.

This office/nursery is nicely laid out to make everything fit. Under-crib storage is helpful.
Then I ran across a blog rant, with many agreeing comments, that a nursery/office combo is a very impractical solution. That may be, for some. But for us, it's the only solution. So we'll continue to plan our versatile nursery/office/guest room and deal with potential issues as they come. Thanks to an office space so nicely laid out by my brother, there will be space for our needed furniture. So we'll just have to make due with the other issues (i.e., my best times for sewing often end up being baby's sleep time) as they come up. I believe that's where the play yard set up as needed in our bedroom might come in handy.

You can see the edge of the desk at very left. The colors fit great in the office ,with fun pops of color added over the crib.