Home Cure, Week 1

Finished Week One in a little under a week. Hoping to keep up the progress! Some areas seem like I'm taking two steps back and only one forward, but it's gotta be done. Here's this week's checklist with the occasional explanation or photograph.

Week One: Deep Treatment
Make a complete list of repairs and solutions.

Vacuum and mop the floors.

Remove one item from home and put it outside.
I started by doing the opposite and bringing, literally, a car load of baby stuff home. A couple items will replace things we already have, I've weeded out the things we won't use, and others aren't necessarily needed but will be great to have. The "large" items leaving the house are all the bedroom closet doors. They don't work right, look terrible, and are never closed for the previously stated reasons.

But the things that can be even harder to let go, and more freeing to do so, are some of the smallest. Last year I tossed 2-year-old wedding invitations and thank you cards that never made it in the mail. This year, I reevaluated my baby book I inherited while helping mom pack this summer. It had literally only 4 pages completed in the entire book, along with a few cards and neatly folded balloons. So I neatly saved behind in page protectors those few pages worth looking over, which fit nicely in my "keep" box. It feels good to know I am not a slave to sentimental tokens. They are meant to be for good memory, and if they in any way burden, then they should definitely be reevaluated. If not gotten rid of altogether, then at least condensed to preserve the good stuff and toss the extra.

Buy fresh flowers.

Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in.
I sat at the end of the dining room table we don't usually use and realized the center leaf in our table was really unnecessary. Such a simple change but better already.

Look into earth-friendly cleaning products.

Week One: One-Room Remedy
Choose one room.
The nursery, for obvious reasons.

Gather pictures of rooms you love.

Start a style tray.

Visit your favorite home store.
A trip to IKEA is in order this weekend.

Set your budget.