Breast Cancer Awareness

I received a message encouraging women to change their Facebook statuses to lines that would peak interest. Sure, the innuendos catch attention. (Who isn't intrigued when someone states they like "it" on the dining room table.) But what does that do if nothing else follows? Okay, so you've got my attention, but now what? The message of instruction I received didn't include breast cancer related information and the status updates aren't directing curiosity to anything of substance.

So, while I find the updates mildly humorous and effective at catching attention, I'll deny the temptation to jump on board and instead do some things that could potentially build awareness.

Pink-tint my Facebook profile picture.

Thanks to Picnik this process is super easy. "Effects" under the "Create" tab has "Go Pink!" and "Frame it Pink" editing options. An edited photo is a little less offensive and coordinates better with the other pink Breast Cancer Awareness marketing.

Read up on breast cancer.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month official Web site is a good place to start, and probably sufficient for me to get informed. There's plenty more information out there for those truly interested in researching it or if I should find the need to learn even more.

Share information on breast cancer.

This blog post, a link on Facebook, conversation with close friends. An obvious follow-up to learning the information myself is sharing it with others.

Become "breast self-aware."

If I'm going to get educated, it'd be pretty dumb to not act on what I've learned. And hypocritical to encourage others to do so if I don't find it important. I will look for signs of early detection and do so on a regular basis, and follow these other tips for self-awareness.

Prepare to breastfeed for prevention.

Along with early detection, there's also things to be done for prevention. This month I will continue to read The Better Way to Breastfeed and mentally prepare to follow through on it and not unnecessarily give-up when it's difficult.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mayo clinic points out some other lifestyle habits that contribute to breast cancer prevention.
That's what I'll be doing this month. Some other ideas:

Race for the cure.

Check out Susan G. Komen for the Cure, take part in a race or donate.


There are many organizations to donate through, or simply purchase Yoplait's pink-topped yogurt and other products advertising that they'll donate part of your purchase.