Home Cure, Week 5

Just 3 weeks left taking me through the bathroom, bedroom and party planning. Although it's looking more and more like these couple weeks might have to be put on hold for a temporary move. Hoping to find out more on that this week. In the meantime, week 5 is done! So here's the progress...

Week 5: Deep Treatment

Take care of repairs this week.Still procrastinating on this until we figure out if we're going to be temporarily booted out of our house. I have a running list that will act as my "Post Home Cure" checklist to focus my pre-baby nesting instincts.

Clean office area and related closets.
In the beginning of this Cure, one thing I said I wanted to do more of in my home was "work." My brother helped set up a great workspace for me, but it's seemed more often in disarray than an orderly haven of inspiration and productivity. But change has come! ("Tour" in next post.)

Cleaning out the drawers, clearing off workspace and reevaluating items stored on shelves helped get everything in order for productivity. Doing so also provided the necessary visual appeal to entice me to want to use this space. I learned from Pottery Barn: "The ideal workspace marries purpose and passion." I'm getting closer to that balance and to my ideal workspace. How do I know? After several months, I finally worked today! (See the veggies of my labor here.)

Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout home.

Declutter files.
I cleared out our files last year, which made this year's file-decluttering a quick sweep. The majority of our statements are received and stored in our various on-line accounts. The exceptions are medical bills, income statements and tax documents which all have files.

Tackle the chord octopus.
Daniel let me know he's got this taken care of. I'll post before and after photos when he's done. (I'm supposed to get the zip ties.)

Try a one-day media fast.
I did this by default on Monday. It was somewhat unintentional, but that's the best kind. By the time I got to the evening and realized I hadn't even so much as turned on a cartoon for Brylee I felt accomplished and pleased that neither of us needed that entertainment and in fact benefited from the lack of distraction.

Buy fresh flowers.

Choose at least one soft or hard thing to add or subtract.
Lumbar support pillows were added to the office. I made them out of cut-off pants. I'll blog about it later. Comfortable and functional.

Cook 3 meals at home.
Rice with yellow curry sauce, tacos (of course), and Arizona Skillet.

Eat at home Sunday through Thursday.
Being on a tight budget really helps accomplish this. We even evaded the temptation to eat in the living room when Daniel and I felt we needed an "off" evening to relax. Eating a relaxed meal at the table proves far more rejuvenating than the unexplained tension that lingers after eating in front of the TV.

Get to bed early and read before sleep.
I did this on Monday during my media-free time. I read in our office while Daniel entered grades. What a fun use of the office and good way to unwind at the end of the day. Using my brain is seeming more and more relaxing than losing it in mindless screen-viewing (TV or computer). Oh, and about my reading, I've been seeing what else Max has to say in his latest book "Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces" which has been a good way to see some examples of things he wrote about in the Eight-Step Home Cure book.

One-Room Remedy

Order from shopping list.
We plan to do this next week; buying Brylee's "big girl bed" is in the next month's budget. Although that plan could change if we end up relocating in the next week or two. Everything else from the shopping list (Poang chair, curtains, etc.) will wait for another time.

Try paint samples in room.

Finalize paint choices.