Monkey Bread Craving

With the cravings I've been having (and my ability to fill them with basic baking ingredients from our pantry), it really is no wonder that I'm gaining so much more weight with this pregnancy. Monkey bread sounded so good, but all the recipes I found required either canned biscuits (for the easy version) or yeast (for the "from scratch" version), of which I had neither. I make biscuits all the time without yeast, so I figured throwing on some sugar and butter could only make them yummier.

We mixed up these biscuits, replacing the butter with cream cheese (I was also low on margarine) and adding a tablespoon sugar. Then we coated 'em with the cinnamon-sugar combination from this Monkey Bread recipe. We also lack a tube pan, so made do with a pie pan. Brylee's a great helper, and I think baking sweets with mom is teaching her a lot about self-control... more than I can say for myself.

I was going to eliminate this photo, but it's too gross not to share and gives a visual to the unhealthiness of these yummy little guys. I heated the full butter-brown sugar combo, and realized when pouring it on that we only had a single layer so used only half the mixture which still drowned the biscuits.

They were pretty dry by the time they were done baking, so I added the rest of the butter-brown sugar mixture resulting in the first image of this post. Wow, what a terribly unhealthy way to fill a craving! But they sure were good.