Indulgence #283: Make Your Bathroom Shine

I started with Indulgence #141: Buy a New Toothbrush. Making use of the old toothbrush, cleaning the bathroom came as an obvious next step. Florida's winter rainy season turns an already humid bathroom into a terrible thing. It's disgusting how quickly black forms in the cracks of the shower tiles. And considering my inability to keep up with basic things like dishes and laundry since bringing home baby, the bathroom has been neglected.

I took everything out of the bathroom and scrubbed it top to bottom. With a bored preschooler getting into things and a crying baby, it took a couple hours. If my bathroom really did shine in the end, it would have been worth it. But the nasty humidity damages were no match for my household cleaning powers. At least I tried.

Everything was put back in order, a little neater than before.

And, of course, finishing touches like a candle and some sort of terry robe are important indulgent finishing touches.