Indulgence #293: Spend the Weekend with Your Favorite TV Series

The last time we had a weekend TV show marathon was 3 years ago. Brylee was a few months old and Daniel and I had just discovered Heroes, despite it already completing its third season. We watched a few episodes on Hulu and made it through the first season. The friends that introduced us to it had all three seasons, so we all watched a couple episodes Saturday night and after watching another after another made it through the entire series (or, aren't they called "chapters" on the show?) by Sunday morning. We went home and got only a couple hours of sleep before Brylee was awake again. Such a marathon is so rare for us, it's a fun indulgence.

Three years have passed and the birth of our second child provided a perfect opportunity to repeat this indulgence. Daniel took personal days to have a paternity leave. We spent quality time bonding as a family and overall trying to relax through this big transition. We watched a couple episodes of The Office on our Netflix on the Wii and have made it through the first six seasons before Ian is six weeks old.

Sure, TV watching isn't exactly the best way for a family to bond, (something a little more interactive would be better) but the laughing and relaxing together between caring for our kids (plural!) was the perfect indulgence.

And we did squeeze in a bit of rest during Daniel's paternity leave.