Indulgence #130: Put Together a Puzzle

In December, Daniel bought this puzzle of an Ansel Adams photo. I helped put together one outside edge and decided that was enough. This black-and-white puzzle was very difficult to put together, as there were times that pieces seemed to go together seamlessly but in reality did not belong together at all. It sat on the table a month and a half until my friend, Heather, came to visit and had it done by the time she left. Thank you, Heather! It's now in this frame as we do not plan on fumbling over it again.

We pulled out another puzzle that we worked on periodically for a couple of weeks, and I am hooked. Daniel took half and I took half and we each worked on our respective sides. There was something therapeutic about sitting and working on it a few moments at a time. It's gratifying and rewarding to find pieces that fit together. This indulgence opened up a new hobby for me. I'm ready to work a specific puzzle corner complete with chair and table into our home decor plans. Too far? I don't think so.