Taking Home on the Road

It is so inspiring to see photos of small living spaces. It's amazing how much can fit in just a couple hundred (or less) square feet of space. Basically, it's the essentials, and that's what inspires me. What really is essential? I'm sure most things in our house go above and beyond what's really necessary, but we buy and keep what we do to fill the space. I guess it's the cleaning-out-the-extra that truly inspires me.

What's even more inspiring: these tiny spaces for mobile living. My dream of being a traveling-writer, here I come!

The Janssens' amazing motor home makes the concept of life-on-the-road even more sweet to me. Can't believe a motor home is in my style tray of home inspiration!

Or, for a more retro option, how about this guy's airstream trailer. 160 sq. ft. of streamlined bliss.