Project Eliminate: Cleaning up the Hutch

The hutch was the first kitchen area to be cleaned up. Mainly because I plan on listing it on Craigslist. Funny (embarrassing?) that I generally thought this to be an organized addition to our home. It was actually perfect for hiding clutter.

I do like how it displays our dishes. Someday I'll have a home with open or viewable cabinetry. After we're minimalists, of course. ;) The items we kept:
  • 8 large and 8 small plates; need to be replaced with 8 neutral medium plates to be used everyday and on special occasions (I'm thinking medium plates might eliminate the need for small and large plates)
  • 3 bowls (can't believe we've lost and broken 5 bowls!); need to be replaced with 8 neutral bowls
  • 4 large glasses; need to be replaced with 8 glasses (1 size only, not small and large)
  • 5 neutral mugs and 2 mugs from our cruise; the 5 mugs need to be replaced with mugs that match the new plates and bowls
  • 8 green cloth napkins

And I am loving the improvements to the items in the bottom shelves. There's some odds-and-ends paper items that were originally in the out box, but I opted to keep them as we'll be moving soon. While our dishes are packed up and when we're on the road we'll be able to use these. Other items in the outbox that I'm still contemplating:
  • Recipe books - We have one of smoothies and one of ice cream with great pictures, plus a fun cupcake book and a kids baking book. They're a little bit random as the recipes I actually cook with are in the green binder or looked up as needed online. I'm thinking they aren't necessary. (I'm keeping the Deceptively Delicious because it has a great pureed foods guide and recipes with hidden vegetables that aren't commonly found online.)
  • Silverware - My sister gifted us their silverware set in a nice storage box. We have gotten them out twice when we had company over. Every other time we just use our everyday utensils that do just fine. Daniel really wants to keep them, while I like the simple and light utensils we've been using, and I no longer see the need for an extra set just for special occasions. I might be asking my sister if she has a preference of what we do with these, unless Daniel comes up with a good reason to convince me why we need them. (They are nice, so I could be convinced to make them our only everyday set of silverware and ditch the others.)
And now to get everything off my dining room table. I need to get a couple sturdy boxes to keep the glassware from breaking in transport.

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