Project Eliminate: The Closet

The kitchen and living room are my focus areas for this first week, however, I did a little research on a minimalist wardrobe and was inspired to work on that last night. My Google findings include:

My Minimalist Wardrobe by minimal student
Chic Minimalism for Your Wardrobe
The 30 Pieces of a Minimalist's Wardrobe

I looked at some photos for wardrobe inspiration, and even attempted my own checklist of staples with little success. For Indulgence #166 I recently "cleaned out and organized" my closet--obviously, I could have done a better job. Before heading to bed I spent less than 10 minutes going through my closet, shoes, and dresser drawers pulling out every item I haven't worn in months or don't like wearing.

I am a little surprised at the amount of clothes piled on my bed and the number of shoes gathered on the floor. Items that don't fit my lifestyle, don't make me feel good when I wear them, aren't versatile enough to be worn frequently, aren't comfortable or are missing something to make an outfit. Basically, space fillers causing an organization stumbling block and clouding out my ability to get dressed quickly and confidently.

I simply love the beauty of this minimal-esque closet! No organizing necessary, eliminating did all the work! These truly are just the essentials. Here's what's left:
  • dressy cropped tan slacks
  • skinny jeans, casual jeans, cropped jeans
  • black slacks to be worn with sandals or other flats and black slacks long enough for dressy heels
  • sundress used as swimsuit cover-up and could be worn for other occassions
  • black-and-white and black-and-tan dresses
A pair of slacks that I pulled out will probably be added back if I get them hemmed this week, and I'll also be returning a white button up and my black blazer to the closet. Would also like to buy:
  • tan pencil skirt
  • little black dress
  • grey or tan shirt dress
  • dark bootcut jeans

Wow, no shoes on the floor? These are really all I wear? (This photo is missing the two pairs of sandals that I wear everyday.) Here's what's left:
  • running shoes
  • black flats
  • white wedge sandals (Daniel got these for me; I love them!)
  • black-and-tan sexy heels
  • black strappy sandals
  • brown leather sandals
I'll return one of my Bear Paw boots and my black pumps. Would also like to buy:
  • tan heels
  • tall black or brown boots that could be winterized and worn with jeans or dresses
  • casual simple tennis shoes

No wonder why I feel like I've been wearing the same shirts all the time, because I have been. But nothing wrong with that, as long as I have enough to wash in between. In addition to a couple shirts in the laundry, here's what's left:
  • tan lacy shirt
  • 2 sheer shirts, one black and one patterned
  • blue tank
  • white shirt w/ cute details
  • black and white camis
  • 2 cream tees, one with green writing
  • 2 grey tees, different styles
I probably will not be returning any of the shirts I took out, and would like to add:
  • fitted white crew-neck tee
  • loose white v-neck tee

This drawer was full of winter items that I haven't worn much since we've been in Florida and weren't worn while I was pregnant. Here's what's left:
  • black tankini
  • black sweatshirt and grey zip-up hoodie
  • black 3/4 sleeve cardi
  • grey 3/4 sleeve cover-up
  • black wrap cover-up (so many wears to wear this!)
  • thigh-length menswear style sweater
  • black leggings
I'll also be keeping my black crew-neck sweater and black and brown turtlenecks. Would like to buy
  • green cardi
  • 2 pairs shorts, one basic and one pleated/cuffed (have a pair in mind from Marshall's)

I basically only wear one pair of earrings (princess-cut diamond studs) and haven't worn them in a couple months since I left them at a hotel. (Before that pair, I lost a diamond stud at the hospital; fortunately I don't buy real.) All the others I had were really unnecessary. Here's what's left:
  • Dangling pearls and pearl studs
  • dangling black earrings
  • white tear drop earrings from my wedding
  • necklaces from mine, my sister's, and a friend's weddings
  • athletic watch (could probably be ditched)
  • green watch (I don't wear watches anymore, but am keeping this because if I did wear them again, this is what I'd want to wear)
  • ring boxes for my husband's and my wedding bands (one holds a ring my dad got me)
Nothing will be returned to this jewelry box, but would like to buy:
  • diamond stud earrings, should get a couple pairs considering how much I wear them
Now, what to do with the mass of shoes and clothes I would like to leave out of my closet? Maybe Plato's Closet, although they've never really liked my stuff. Or Skype with sisters and see if there's any items they'd like before I sell the couple pricier items and haul the rest to Goodwill. Good thing Daniel's not here, or he'd be convincing me to keep most of it. I'd give in because I feel guilty getting rid of some quality items that I "should" wear. Guilt is never a good enough reason to keep anything! (That was a reminder for myself.) And I look forward to filling in the gaps of my wardrobe with truly useful items.

Updates on the kitchen and living room later...