1,000-Sq. Ft. Work-in-Progress

My sister got me a Small Room DECORATING magazine and I've enjoyed reading it cover-to-cover. The layout of articles with home photos and home owner or decorator questionnaire keeps interest. This was going to be the inspiration behind a photo tour of our home, BUT... a few things still need to be done (i.e., shelves put up) and our camera battery died with charger nowhere to be found. So, this post will have the questionnaire (I'm the goofy nerd that actually has fun doing stuff like that), and you'll see a sneak peek of our new home with the two photos I managed to take before the camera battery called it quits.

  • STRUCTURE: Apartment
  • DECORATING STYLE: Ecclectic blend of mod and traditional with green influences (either, the color or the lifestyle, but mostly finances)
  • BIGGEST DESIGN CHALLENGE: Combining boy nursery with "big girl" room while leaving space for play; carving out workspace for two in one of the four rooms already serving multi-purposes; making space for guests with no spare room and a husband that's anti- hide-a-bed
  • BEST SMALL-SPACE SOLUTION: Storing clothes in closets instead of dressers; dividing up work spaces into smaller stations rather than one large desk area; wall-mounted TV with storage ottomans underneath; declutter!
  • BIGGEST ADVANTAGE TO SMALL-SPACE LIVING: Keeping only what's needed and currently useful; time saved on cleaning and upkeep; money saved on unnecessary furnishings
  • BIGGEST DISADVANTAGE: No wiggle room for the decluttering process or for, well, lots of wiggling
  • DESIGN SUGGESTION: Ask "Do I love it? Do I need it? Is it frequently used?" Edit possessions and make purchases on the honest answers
  • WISH LIST: More distinguished entryway
  • GREEN SOURCES: Reuse/repurpose, Craigslist, Goodwill

The bed taking the majority of the room helped our bedroom come together quickly. The white comforter brightens things up, while the leafy designs in the bedding accents are a nice compliment to the green lamp.

An area rug helps define the baby's portion of the room that includes crib and a changing table/toy storage, while a "big girl" bed distinguishes the preschooler's space and serves double duty as occasional-use guest bed.

In both cases, a neatly made bed is the easiest update for the biggest impact.

More photos to come next week :)