Do Something Sunday {Productivity and Pleasure Unite}


"Do Something Sunday" is a small renovation to my Sundays. My effort to turn a day of guilt-filled laziness, avoidance of obligations, and inadequate use of free time into a day worthy of living. Nothing major. Laziness will still fill in the cracks of this close to the weekend. But free time will be a little better used. "Sunday: New and Improved" has two parts: 1) Get something done, and 2) Do something fun.

Simple enough, right?

I think so.

If I can do at least that, then I will have made adequate use of this unscheduled day by accomplishing one small project and cherishing a few extra moments of quality time with the people I love, which matters more than mere time-fillers anyway.


We had good intentions of getting a shelf hung in the kids' room so I could finish unpacking their toys. Well, that didn't exactly happen, but we did process about 4 loads of laundry, which is no small task. I'd like to make a little better use of "getting something done," but sometimes keeping up with the daily chores is enough to celebrate.

Side note: apparently Consumer Reports showed Era with Oxi boosters to be #3 of the best laundry detergents but about 1/3 the price of the others (my source: Daniel). "Only" a year after reading that, we finally found it in the store! :)


This being our newly designated family date night, we chose something fun for the family and rented Just Dance 2 from Redbox. We haven't rented a video game there before so the $2 rental was free.

We all loved it! Brylee even got into it and had fun doing her own version of the dances. Who am I kidding? Daniel and I had our own versions of what we were supposed to be doing! Great workout, lots of laughs, and a fun way to bond as a family. Highly recommended :)