Our Mixi {part 2: songs 10-18}

A couple days ago I posted songs 1-9 of my mix for Daniel in celebration of our anniversary. Here's songs 10-18 and the story that goes with them...

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{10} Peter Gabriel - The Book of Love
Daniel met me at the Rockpile with a handful of my favorite flowers and said I had to earn each one by guessing the significance of each place he took me. The Rockpile was the first time he gave me a piggy back ride, the dam at Holmes Lake was where we had our first kiss, Barnes and Noble where we became an official couple, and at Pioneers Park all I could guess is that's where we agreed would be a cool place to get married, and that's where he proposed.

But, this song actually makes me think of when I was pregnant and miserable with morning sickness and Daniel surprised me with a candlelit bubble bath, a glass of ice and a snack (to help the sickness), and a softly playing mix with this song on it. He's so sweet :)

{11} Jewel - Face of Love
We got married at the columns at Pioneers Park on July 27, 2007. Daniel's sister sang this song while we lit our unity candle and exchanged rings. (Side note: I really like Jewel, but Michaela did a way better job at singing/playing this song.)

{12} Sister Hazel - This Kind of Love
First heard this song putting this mix together. I love it and thought it fit well for the "honeymoon" stage of our story :)

{13} Yael Naim - New Soul
Daniel was an amazing support when Brylee was born. I was exhausted, her heart rate wasn't ideal, and her laying on my chest wasn't helping. So he took her and sang a song he made up on the spot; it was funny and sweet and just the beginning of many ways he's an amazing father. This song makes me think of baby Brylee :)

{14} Travis Tritt - It's a Great Day to Be Alive
We lived the "Good Life" for a little while in Lincoln while he finished up school and I worked full time. Daniel gave me a card once that said, "I am wild, I am free, I am Coyote" which pretty much sums him up. The howling in this song makes me think of that, and his wild mustang spiel: "I'm a wild mustang; you can't tame me. Put up a gate and I'll jump the fence. But put out some oats and I'll come in for a nibble." I love that mustang :)

{15} Sara Groves - When the Saints
Daniel's semester of student teaching was really tough on both of us (Brylee didn't seem too bothered by it). Even though the examples in this song are extreme in comparison, this song was an encouragement.

{16} Barenaked Ladies - What a Good Boy
Daniel marched for graduation in May 2009. Not sure why this song makes me think of that.

{17} The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
After graduation Daniel was getting ready to start a job in Lincoln when he got an interview at Forest Lake Academy (FLA). He got the job, and we had 10 days to move to Florida. This song played many times on the radio during that 3-day road trip.

{18} The Presidents of the United States of America - Dune Buggy
Florida was a fun change for our family. Doors open during the winter, sunshine everyday--loved it. This song makes me think of our trips to the beach.

Also see part 1, part 3, or the final song.