Epic Christianity

I've really wanted my writing to point more to Christ, sometimes directly and at least subtly every other time. Of all the things I do and am, the most important is my desire to follow Christ and thus being a Christian. How does that translate into the everyday? I am not the first one to ask that question and certainly won't be the one to finalize a definitive answer. But I am willing to make the effort to live my daily life for Christ, and that simple act is epic enough.

  • do everything in God's name (Col. 3:17). Consistency with Christ and the way He lived His life.
  • live with passion (Col 3:23-24). Whatever I do is to be done heartily.
  • set their minds on things of the Spirit (Rom. 8:4,5).
  • do good things (Luke 6:44-45). If every tree is known by its fruit, then the productivity and results of an epic Christians actions will be in some way positive and valuable.
  • hold themselves accountable (Matt 25:21). My choices and my actions alone determine if I will be greeted with "well done, good and faithful servant."
  • fear God and keep His commandments (Ecc. 12:13-14). It's the whole duty of man and pretty engrained into an epic Christian.


The short version: anyone who lives heartily for the Lord.


This is only the beginning of an on-going goal to live the life of an epic Christian and to share that through this blog. Sometimes I'll write directly about how daily activities relate to following Christ, and other times it will be insinuated. The ultimate goal is for me personally to remember that everything I do is meant to be done heartily before the Lord.

I will still be writing about my passions and sharing from my life, with Epic Christianity as the goal of each post, if not directly mentioned. I will try to keep up with the following "schedule" for my posts:
  • Indulge -- Doing and writing about daily indulgences.
  • Home --  Decorating, organizing, minimizing, and living in and using our home.
  • Cloth --  Cloth diapering... it will keep showing up on my blog until everyone I know is converted or until I'm tired of it, which ever comes first :)
  • Motherhood --  Entertaining a preschooler and growing an infant keeps me busy as a parent and provides plenty of blogging ideas.
  • Green --  I love green as a verb and as a color... yep, that sums me up. Throw in the green of finances and this will be an interesting mix of articles. If it doesn't seem to fit, just remember, something about the post makes me think "green" :)
  • Epic --  A direct opportunity to share inspirations for epic living including epic Christian's that inspire me, opportunities to support an epic cause, and epic reads I've enjoyed.

{I hope to hear more about how others live epicly for Christ!}

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and I'll be back :)