Our Mixi {part 1: songs 1-9}

Daniel and I celebrate 4 years of marriage in a week (!) and I've put together a mix for him that tells our story. I've never made a mix for someone else, so it's fun that he's my first :) Instead of posting a song a day like I intended, I'll put a few songs in each post and share how they fit into our story.

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Here it goes...

{01} The Temptations - I Can't Get Next to You

When I first got to Union in '05 I remember seeing Daniel at vespers and thinking he was really cute but not knowing how I'd ever get to hang out with him (I didn't know I would have had an easy connection through my brother, Nick, and I didn't know he was dating someone). He remembers seeing me at Nick's apartment when I stopped by to borrow climbing shoes; he was soon ending a longterm relationship and I was just getting into a relationship. We hung out (through Nick) when the semester was over, watching Hitch in the dollar theater and doing a little moonlight skateboarding. (Daniel tells the story in a way that sounds like I was cheating on my boyfriend of the time; it's not true). This song is from the Hitch soundtrack.

{02} Eve 6 - Here's to the Night (also, Promise and Beautiful Oblivion)

Daniel went to Milo to do taskforce deaning and I broke up with the boyfriend. I think my mom tried hooking Daniel and my sister up through MSN, but somehow Daniel and I started chatting through MSN during Christmas break. I personally thought he seemed a little desperate, but couldn't get past how easy it was to talk to him. I spent the break waitressing for extra money and chatting with Daniel until the wee hours of the morning. Music is something we always agreed on, including a few Eve 6 songs.

{03} Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Once I got back to the reality of school I felt dumb admitting I had such a connection with someone I basically only knew through the internet, so I told him I didn't want to talk anymore. After he went back to Milo, Daniel learned to play this song on the guitar.

{04} Cake - Let Me Go

Daniel brought a group of Milo students to visit Union in April '06, so we had a little opportunity to hang out. Again, I felt an instant connection with him but for some reason felt embarrassed about it. So we had a heart-to-heart before he left and I said that because our siblings were getting married we would never date.

{05} Collective Soul - December

He wasn't happy that I told him not to call, so as soon as I got back to my room and was telling my roommate what happened, he called me.

{06} The White Stripes - We're Going to Be Friends

I felt a little misplaced when I returned to Union in '06 after a summer of traveling. Daniel and I saw each other when he had just driven straight in from Oregon; we hugged and everything felt right. His hugs always felt right, even when we saw each other during the summer for Nick and Shae's wedding.

{07} Alanis Morrisette - Head Over Feet

A couple weeks into the semester I was on my way to the rockpile to hang out with a guy and ignored Daniel when I walked past the group of people he was hanging out with in the girls' dorm lobby, so he jumped over a couch to run after me. He made me feel special and it felt natural to be around him. That evening I let the other guy know we wouldn't be "talking" anymore, and I felt content knowing that things with Daniel would eventually work out. (Okay, so we almost always agree on music; I had to sneak a chic song in somewhere :)

{08} Maroon 5 - Won't Go Home Without You

We hung out some in the beginning of the semester, at some point I called him a magnet, and we started dating the day after my 20th birthday. (Daniel says he waited until then because he didn't want to date a teenager.)


{09} Cake - Stickshifts and Safety Belts

I think this song explains itself :) Plus, we both like Cake and Daniel put this song into our wedding reception mix :)

Also see part 2, part 3, or the final song.