Pinterest {a place to catalog the things you love}

I just learned about Pinterest and am trying to figure out if it will just be another time-waster added to my already overflowing collection of time-wasters, or if there is enough value for me to take part. Considering I'm taking the time to write this blog post for the sole purpose of saving the information for another time, I'm leaning toward it's-worth-a-try. My current process of saving online information varies including writing about it on this blog, bookmarking the links, saving inspirational photos to my computer, or jotting it down in a notebook. (I learned about it while I decluttering my Firefox bookmarks.) I'm thinking "pinning" the inspirational item to a Web site designed for that purpose would be handy and beneficial. (I especially am excited about the idea of using this for my style trays a la 8-Step Home Cure style.)

Here's the beginning information on Pinterest that peaked my interest.

More later when (if?) I follow through on it. In the meantime, try out Tiny Timer to help limit your time wasters. I have ten minutes left on this session ;)