The Roller Coaster of Our Life

Roller coasters and I have a love-hate relationship. I have a bit of lingering motion sickness after just one ride, which would explain the hate. The love comes in the form of Dramamine. Despite one pill taking care of the potential sickness, my stomach still knots up as the ride creeps upward. I know what's coming and my mind persistently tries to convince my stomach that it will be okay. Remembering previous experiences all too vividly, my stomach relentlessly holds onto the past and knots even tighter in preparation for the inevitable fall. And then the drop. I scream like crazy for all of four seconds (or is it less? or more?), my stomach muscles involuntarily flinching. When the ride slows to an end, I do a quick survey of my mind and my body and they are in agreement: I am okay. No motion sickness, just initial shakiness and lingering excitement over the joy of the ride.

I'm sure you saw it coming. The roller coaster / life comparison is just too obvious, yet too true to ignore. As weeks passed, that heading-upward-knot tightened in my stomach. It's a sort of fight-or-flight impulse when flight isn't really an option. All the while, I'm reassuring myself that given enough time (a couple seconds in the roller coaster of life can be a long time), the ride will be over when flinched muscles finally relax and all I can say is "What a ride!"

Okay, so what am I really talking about? I'm talking about making a big decision and following through on it; Daniel and I prayerfully considering what to do with our jobless, homeless selves and the moment of truth when we took our first blind steps forward. My heart and mind said yes, yet despite reminding myself of my reliance on and faith in God (read: life's Dramamine), my stomach twisted in knots over the inevitable fall. You know, the tough times that are bound to happen. The flight cross country with my precious little ones when I wonder if I'm really grown up enough for this. The first nights at my sister's when I face the frightening fact that this is not just a visit. The slow process of job-searching and house-hunting with the added pressure that we have neither. You know, the average free fall for which roller coasters are notorious. All the while, remembering the ride will end leaving only a memory of the excitement.

We did it; we moved across country. The kids and I survived our day of flying. Daniel survived his two days of driving. All the while, Abraham as our inspiration:
By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.
We were blessed with a 14-foot truck and car tow trailer all for $150 cheaper than our hitch and 5x8 trailer were to cost. Daniel dropped his phone in a drainage hole, and after some time on rice it's working fine. Family and friends have welcomed us, reminding us why we're so glad to be back. And the biggest blessing/answer of all: Daniel got "the" job! We don't know when he starts, where he'll start on the pay scale (either way, it'll be a drop), or where we'll end up living and when we'll move. All we know is that we left Florida blindly and several doors opened later, we're still blind.

Basically, we're in the midst of the ride, and I need another dose of Dramamine.