On Not Getting Too Comfortable with Our Humanity

I was reminded today that I am too comfortable in this life. I love nestling into "my home" and settling into a routine all the while forgetting (or neglecting?) that Heaven is my home and I'm living on borrowed time, or rather it has been bought by Christ and paid for with His life.

There are a couple of epic Christians that are inspiring me today. Daniel Harper was a high school classmate and friend and his blog, Precision Points of a Called Christian has been such an inspiration as he has shared his physical struggles with a brain tumor while still being a dedicated Christian. Even though I only knew his wife by name in academy, I am also so incredibly impressed with her dedication and strength as an excellent example of what a loving, caring Christian wife should be.

Daniel passed away last night and my thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family. If this is sobering for me, I can only imagine how it must be rocking their world.

Thinking about Daniel's example and the faith he held in the midst of struggle, I wonder if maybe I need the equivalent of a terminal illness to jump start my faith. I don't mean to trivialize the terrible journey he went through and the one his surviving family continues on. Quite the opposite. I am awed by their example and their focus on Christ.

In the whole epic story of salvation, my diagnosis isn't much better and yet my life is more distracted. It seems we all get a little too comfortable with our humanity. When life is good, we're happy and comfortable and rarely get homesick, ungrateful that we are in fact being given a 7 millionth chance at living for Christ. Just a little dose of reality to direct me back in line with Christ today.

Daniel's last blog post, well, as his sister well said: "...it's an honor to read."

I hope you will read it and others of his posts. His blog really is the gospel from an epic Christian that you don't want to miss.

I am privileged to have known Daniel and look forward to meeting him again in Heaven.