I did it! I made a decorative tissue pom pom!!

What do the above three photos have in common? (The title of this post is just a small hint)...

Yep, pom poms. Seriously, I am so in love with these cuties! I secretly envy them each time I see them in girls rooms. (I have a collection of photos in Brylee's room style tray merely because I love these whimsical color clusters.)

They're also more commonly used in events. Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties. Google "tissue pom pom" and you'll find all kinds of great uses. What I didn't realize is how easy and cheap these little decorations are to make for such a big impact! Some might see something so popular and not want to use such a tired idea; not me! I'm not creative enough to come up with something nearly as perfect, so here I go excitedly doing something just moments ago I thought was out of reach.

First, checkout the Martha Stewart original pom pom instructions.Then search "tissue pom pom" on YouTube and you'll see with your own eyes how easy this is. Not to mention all of the great blog posts outlining step-by-step including this one that I followed to make my own tissue paper pom pom. But this wouldn't be a complete blog post if I didn't show the photos to prove I followed through on it. So, here's the simplified beginner's version.


Just 4 things, and you probably already have them in your house!

  • 8+ sheets of tissue paper -- More sheets=fuller pom pom, less sheets would probably be good for a smaller pom pom; if you don't have multiple sheets of one color, mix it up
  • Scissors -- Sharp enough to cut through multiple sheets of paper
  • Center connector -- Martha recommends "cloth-covered floral wire," other tutorials had pipe cleaners, basic wire, and one even just stapled the center
  • Hanging string -- fishing string or jewelry wire will give the effect of a floating puff, while thick ribbon or twine obviously gives a different look


Fold back and forth until it's all in one strip about the width of a ruler (or smaller if you're doing a smaller pom pom). Secure the center with the wire or staple or whatever else you've found around the house to use; I unfolded a paper clip and twisted it around. Make sure to have some sort of loop ready to make hanging easier. In fact, I didn't really see this in tutorials, but why not attach the hanging string now rather than risking ripping the tissue paper doing it later?


Cut the ends either with rounded edges or pointier edges. Then, start fluffing. Pulling one sheet at a time out into a rounded poof.


Okay, so you might be saying, what is there to admire about a white puff hanging from a white ceiling?, and you'd have a good point. First defense: white is the only color I had more than 8 sheets of. Main defense: I still love it! Maybe you'd be convinced if you could see this hanging above a nicely set table, but that will have to wait until the baby shower on Friday. Until then... I'm pleased with my crafty distraction from Daniel's absence :)