To Keep or Not to Keep {Boots}

So cute!

I can't decide if I should keep them.

And I have until tomorrow to decide otherwise the receipt expires and I'll have no other option than to keep them.

For some reason, whenever I put them on, all that goes through my head is "They're country and you look country in them." {A line from a favorite movie as a teenager.}

If I'm having doubts, I should just return them, right?

On my Fashion Wish List board on Pinterest I pinned these photos because of the boots...

{"loving the boots"}

{leather boots}

I guess they're not too different from the pair I bought.

But different enough to keep me wondering.

So, I need help deciding. Do I keep them? Or are they too......   {I don't know... rounded, country, youthful?}


Can't believe I'm even going to post this. But, I'm feeling very indecisive. So here it goes... Maybe seeing it here will help me decide :)