The 20/20 Cure {Day 17-20: flowers, medicine cabinet, artwork, outbox}

{minimalist medicine cabinet}
And that's a wrap to The 20/20 Cure! Love the small improvements made to our home, and, even more so, the energy and motivation it stirs in me to keep curing! Actually, if I were completely honest, I'd admit that it's actually left me discontented that I haven't completed more. More eliminating. More cleaning. More organizing. More homemaking. More heaven, less earth (from the quote, "[Home] should be a little heaven upon earth").

For me, that's exactly what the Home Cure is all about. Fixing, updating, cleaning, curing... but most of all, stirring up the urge to do more and the realization that more is yet to be done. With that said, I guess this 20-day cure is a mission accomplished :)

{Day 18: Declutter Medicine Cabinet}

The chemist in the video for Day 18 mentioned the better way to dispose of expired medicines is putting them in a can with coffee grounds or dirt and throwing them away. Although finding a pharmacy that offers a recycling program for these would probably be a better option.

I collected a few cosmetic items left by a guest that we won't be using. Otherwise, amazingly, we've kept our bathroom supplies down to the items we regularly use. Ever since Project Eliminate, I've been keeping my bathroom essentials (everything except shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash that stay in the shower) in my cosmetic bag. Then, during the Home Cure I did last fall, I got rid of a grocery bag overflowing with outdated/unused meds and cosmetics, so we're still good in that realm. Amazing how a little decluttering provides results lasting over a year! Now that is time well spent.

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{artwork over sofa}

{Day 19: Hang Artwork}

This is a tough one for me. When it comes to decorating, I'm okay with arranging furniture, decluttering shelves, choosing where to hang a mirror, making crate covers. One thing I am not great at: choosing artwork and choosing where to hang it. I know the things I love, but there's lots of things I love, and in terms of a whole apartment, I don't how to choose specific pieces or placement. If anyone has tips, I'd love to hear them!

I've started pinning some "artwork" (mostly family photo displays) that I love in my Home Style Tray. Now, what to implement and where. It's all a little overwhelming to me. So... for this task, I decided to do something I've never done: tape up brown paper where I might like to hang some artwork. I have ideas of what to place where, and this seemed like a great opportunity to try the temporary version.

{Day 20: Empty Outbox}

Okay, so I still have yet to do this. But it will get done!

See you again next fall :)