Small Space Christmas Decorating

small space christmas decorating
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Glowing white lights. Familiar reusable tree. Sweetly sobering nativity. Spicy cinnamon aroma.

Christmas decorations seem to make the season, don't they? It's how everyone from mom to Wal-mart to main street U.S.A. let's us know it's about that time. (Although, they're starting to give us the cue a little too soon, if you ask me.)

This is also the season that the attempting minimalist in me starts getting antsy. Sure, the consumerism--the giving and receiving of "stuff"--probably makes most people at least a little stressed at some point. But ever since learning more about minimalism, it's the excessive decorations that I've started questioning.

This year, a dream came true: Daniel agreed we don't have to put up a tree! Is that something to be excited about? Probably not to most people. Well, except for Scrooge and my Dad. (I love you, Dad!) But I love the idea of test-driving what the season is like without our massive tree. I'll miss it. It's big and beautiful and relatively real looking. But it's excessive for our small space. And ridiculous how much storage it takes when we don't have the storage to spare.

Could we really go without a tree at all? Maybe, but I'd like to do something, so here are some tree alternatives I found. Perfect for small spaces, less storage, low finances or for a minimalist Christmas.

1. Christmas Topiary

This >> Christmas topiary from The Zero Waste Family is my favorite and ultimately something I'd like for us to do. This tree is one they have outside year round, and decided to bring it inside and decorate as their main Christmas tree.

2. Table Top Christmas Tree

This >> table top Christmas tree from HGTV is a great solution. Just replace a decoration or picture frame with a miniature tree or use as a centerpiece.

3. Bulb Christmas Tree

This >> Christmas tree ornament mobile from not martha would be a fun option. And if you're doing the present-thing, stack them up and the tree hangs beautifully over.

4. Wall Christmas Tree

This >> string-light wall Christmas tree from Martha Stewart is a fun idea. Find some empty wall space near an outlet, and use white lights and some garland to create the outline of a tree.

5. Branches in a Vase

These >> decorated branches in a vase from Centsational Girl are so minimalist and attractive. The rest of her house is also decked out (including a full size tree), but I think this by itself is enough for a small space / minimalist Christmas solution.

6. Tomato Cage Tree

I love this >> tomato cage turned Christmas tree idea. My sister did this for their front porch and it looks great! Daniel said "no" on using this idea in our living room.

Merry simple Christmas decorating!


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