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date night resources for ideas

It's too easy to get into a date night rut. Mainly the rut of not having one. But a little effort goes a long way in this weekly (monthly?) routine. Sometimes all it takes is eating dinner at the table together with a lit candle and calling it "date night." Here's some of my favorite sources for date night ideas to add a little creativity to the evening.

1 | The Nest

The Nest has hundreds of ideas for dating, plus more on love and sex. The ideas are sometimes a little vague, but that's just the point: an idea to help spur your own creativity. And because of the sketchiness of Googling anything related to sex, their sex life tips are worth a look -- no shady graphic images to be found.

2 | The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas is a blog all about dates and "strengthening marriages one date at a time." Lots of real life dates that people have actually done and, of course, can be personalized or turned in to whatever you want. They also have a special section for date nights at home.

3 | Let's Go on a Date

Shannon Brown gave her husband a year of pre-planned dates for Christmas. Let's Go on a Date is her collection of blogs posted after their dates.

4 | The Mom Crowd

The Mom Crowd has 30 Ideas for a Date Night at Home. They're short and sweet and are a great starting point for some potentially great at-home dates. (And I thought it funny that the girl who wrote it also has a husband named Daniel.)

5 | Happy Wives Club

This round up of Top 20 At-Home Date Night Ideas is a great collection of ideas that you can make happen today at home.

Hope that helps get the creative juices flowing! All you really need to know: Make a little effort and just make it happen.

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