Baby, It's Cold Outside // a simple holiday date

Baby It's Cold Outside // simple winter holiday date

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and just haven't mustered the energy or creativity to pull off a truly blog-worthy "Baby, It's Cold Outside" themed at-home date. After plans with friends were cancelled last night, we did an impromptu date and it turned out just as good as the pre-planned version in my head. Even better, because it was perfectly low key and relaxing. Just what this season needs.

Basic components of our simple winter date night:

1 | Warm, Comfy Clothes

Okay, so comfy isn't exactly essential, but the key is warm. We opted to put the kids in their pajamas (so they'd be ready for bed after the family part of our date), Daniel and I in our sweats, coats for all of us and favorite blankets for the kids.

2 | Hot Drinks

A date is a good excuse to splurge on the pricier drinks from Starbucks or another favorite coffee shop. We made Brylee chocolate milk in a reusable to-go mug, then Daniel and I got cappuccino from the corner gas station--french vanilla and white chocolate caramel mixed--yum! Or try this >> wassail / Russian Tea mix.

3 | Christmas Music

We had the Christmas radio station on in the car. There weren't even any commercials until we returned to our driveway. Although, because commercials are a possibility, a favorite Christmas CD is probably a better option.

4 | Drive to Look at the Lights

You don't have to go far to find homes all lit up with Christmas lights. But if you want to see the decked out houses, it helps to go through a neighborhood known to get in the spirit. We saw lots of pretty white lights (my favorite), and a few incredibly huge trees that had to have taken much more than a ladder to string with lights. If people are going to go through that much effort, then of course we'll take at least one drive to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

5 | Favorite Holiday Movie

After we returned home and got the kids in bed, we cuddled up on the sofa under our oversized fuzzy blanket and watched Love Actually. Laughs and love (and incredibly awkward nudity that probably didn't need to be included). Good times. There's hundreds more holiday movies to choose from, but warming up together is the best part.

Take a moment in the holiday bustle to share the love with the one you love.

Love actually is all around! ;)


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