Appreciate April {and Meal Mangement March Follow-Up}

Three months of the monthly resolution solution complete, and still going strong into the fourth! This month was everything I hoped it would be, and not nearly as difficult as I imagined. Check out my Meal Management March recap on Veggie Meal-Maker, and keep reading for a look at what's in store for April.

Meal Management March {a recap}

Our family went vegan this month, along with not eating out and avoiding refined sugar. What an incredible month! Read more about the resolution and "whys" here, and read about what we learned from each of these changes on the Veggie Meal-Maker blog.

March Books-of-the-Month

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan
Fearless by Max Lucado


Appreciate April {a preview}

My resolutions for this coming month are all about family and appreciating the time we have together. There are a few things I plan to do daily this month and others that are weekly or one-time special occasions.

Here is what I have in mind for this month:
  • Daily family worships. Of course, I wish this was something we already do regularly. But we don't. So, for this month, I want to.
  • Weekend family activities. Our big happenings for the weekend are church, naps and nature documentaries, and lazy Sundays maybe getting stuff done around the house. I'd like to pep that up a little with at least one special activity each weekend including camping, exploring our town, and maybe even getting out of city limits.
  • Weekly family date nights. This month, our date nights will be a little more focused on the family. Most of our at-home dates begin with family time, but I'd like to add action to make this time a little more quality. Basically, doing something instead of watching something.
  • Daily hands-on time with the kids. I am not naturally a hands-on mom. I try periodically and those moments definitely stick out in Brylee's (and my) memory. But I want to spend a month putting a little extra energy into making this happen more regularly and more intentionally. At least 15 minutes, 4 times a week (that allows time for our weekend activities, family date nights and other things going on). A craft or activity--perhaps ideas found on Pinterest.
  • Family dedication. I absolutely hate that both Brylee and Ian have yet to be dedicated. I have my excuses, most of them based on some sort of passive laziness. But this symbol of giving our kids and ourselves as parents to God is so important, and we are going to enjoy that special moment together this month.
  • Family photo shoot. We have never had a family photo shoot. Our family photos are snapshots taken ourselves with a timer or when we ask someone to take a quick photo. This month, we will have photos taken worthy of sharing, putting in a frame and otherwise preserving.

I am so excited to put my focus back on my family and enjoy quality time with them! Maybe we'll get sick of each other, or maybe we'll discover knew ways to have fun together. We're about to find out...