Small Space Bedroom Office Layout

{simple small space bedroom & office}

There are very few rules of design that I know, and even fewer that I follow. Most of our rule-breaking is an unintentional faux pas. However, while our new bedroom layout breaks a few design guidelines, we did so intentionally and are quite pleased with the results.


We did a few things "wrong" that we've decided are so right. Some might argue that design-wise, this layout doesn't work, but it does for us. Anyone with an eye for these sorts of things may need to click away....

{simple small space bedroom}

Foot of the bed against the window.

There are a few factors that led us to placing the bed where and how it is.
{1} We wanted the best use of floor space. We started with the bed coming out from the only wall with no windows or doors. That left too much unusable space along the sides and foot of the bed. If we only had a bed and nightstands, that wouldn't be a problem. But we had Daniel's desk in the bedroom, and I wanted to try and fit mine here too.
{2} I didn't want to block any of the window. Our headboard is just tall enough that it would have cut off a small portion along the bottom of the window. Not a huge deal, but I love allowing in every bit of natural light.
{3} We wanted to see the computer from bed. We sometimes watch Hulu or Netflix on it. The computer needed to stay where it was, because that's where the internet hook-up is.

Once we factored in these considerations, the only place that really made sense was to put the bed in front of the window, with the foot of the bed at the window. This actually helps separate "bedroom" from my workspace. (Daniel doesn't use his desk for work.)

Not one, but two desks in the bedroom.

Daniel's desk started out in the bedroom. We occasionally use his computer as a TV for watching Hulu or Netflix. And he doesn't do his work or pay bills at his desk, so having it in the bedroom doesn't really distract in the ways a traditional workspace might. However, my desk was not working out in the dining room. It became a dumping grounds for anything that came into the apartment, and I also wanted to relocate my desk so I could use the dining room corner for the kids. I wasn't sure we could fit it in the bedroom, but I'm so glad we figured it out.

Equivalent of a TV visible from the bed.

I know, I know, a TV shouldn't be in the bedroom. But this has come in handy, allowing Brylee to watch a kid show on Netflix, while we watch something else in the living room. And, yes, we catch up on The Office and Parks and Rec while relaxing in bed. It's not a daily occurrence, and that's my justification.

Only one small dresser.

Our clothes (including jeans, tees, belts) all hang in the closet. Even Daniel's socks, boxers and undershirts are organized in a hanging shelf. It puts good limits on our clothes and frees up bedroom floorspace for other things that needed to be squeezed in. The small dresser housed office things. It now holds my clothes, but after my minimizing month in May I hope to make better use of these drawers.

{simple neutral minimal bedroom}

Lacking traditional nightstands.

I use the small dresser on my side of the bed as a nightstand; Daniel uses the desk at the foot of his side. Both hold lamps and space for our phones (which double as alarm clocks) to be plugged in at night.

Just enough lighting.

Between the lamps on each of our desks and the lamp on my dresser, there is just enough ambient and task lighting after the sun sets. And the lamp on my desk adjusts upward, aimed right over our shoulders when we want to read at night. I was so pleased to find how nicely that worked out!

Forever eliminating.

This bedroom would simply not have come together how it has if we had not done eliminating beforehand. Perhaps you remember Daniel's side of the bed as it was during my last Home Cure? Or the clothes I got rid of in Project Eliminate? I went through everything in my closet and dresser, returning only items that fit, were in good condition, were versatile and that I loved wearing. And we went through all of Daniel's notebooks and boxes, and only a couple items were returned to the bedroom. Of course, it's been a year since I last cleared my closet, so it's time to do so again. Unused items always settle into the bedroom, so we will always need to stop them from settling for too long.

Using the space the best we know how.

Sure, if we had a spare bedroom, I'd rather not have my blogging nook (office/work space) in the bedroom. But considering my desire to be minimalist and content with less space and with fewer things, I think we were pretty resourceful with the space and things we have to work with.


Fixing the issues with our layout was a major step to improving the functionality and flow of our room. (Max would be proud :) Of course making space for my blogging nook was a huge plus. A few things remain on the project list for our bedroom...

Update lampshade.

Daniel and I made the lamp out of a glass vase from TJ Maxx, then I found the lampshade on clearance at Lowe's that I planned to recover. I have yet to do that, and when I do I'll be sure and post about the lamp.

Downsize plant.

It's kind of hard to miss that ridiculous plant on my dresser; you might recognize it from my reminiscing during the Home Cure. It's out of control! And I'm coming to grips with the fact that it's incredibly ugly far more than it is ever pretty. I mean, really, it's bloomed TWICE in NINE years!! It's one of those sentimental things. And it's easy to keep alive. So, I'm thinking I might take some clippings of it and plant those in a smaller pot that can sit there on the dresser or on my desk. It's nice to have some greenery around, as long as it's under control.

Eliminate and organize clothes and office supplies.

My resolution for May is all about minimizing, so I'll be diving into our closet, the dresser, and under the bed. I think we'll realize just how huge our closet is when it's clear of the excess that isn't being used.

Finish blogging nook.

I'm still deciding exactly what needs to be done here. I bought some cork board that I'll be hanging. Other than that, maybe a comfier chair?