Shared Kids Room | Brylee's fancy girly space

The kids' room is about as close to "done" as it will probably be for a while. So I decided to post a tour--or rather tours as I will share Brylee's space here and Ian's space in another post.

As we prepared to downsize for our move last year, I knew I wanted the kids to share a room for at least a couple years while they're still young. Instead of choosing one gender neutral theme, I wanted their spaces in the bedroom to be personal to them. Keep reading to see what we ended up with for Brylee's fancy girly space.

Brylee's 3 Style Items: Fancy Nancy book, princess skirt, favorite shirt (which is plain black, but she loves it because of "the ruffles and sparkly buttons")

Brylee's 3 Personal Items: polka dot blanket, pink-and-white stuffed puppy, handprint canvas

Inspiration for Brylee's space: Ever since she was about 16-months-old, it was obvious that Brylee was our little girly girl. She has loved playing dress-up, reading stories about princesses, and wanting her hair done like Fancy Nancy.

Go here >> to see Kids Room inspiration board on Pinterest

Challenges: I'm not at all fancy myself, so it was fun (and challenging) to add girly details to my own simple style. I used girly colors more than I've ever been comfortable with and tried to make her space fit for a princess-in-training.

My favorite piece or element in Brylee's space: I love her butterfly wings, purse, tiara and princess skirt--and love having them on display. They are so pretty and represent every fancy girl's staples. And they are "so Brylee"!

Brylee's favorite parts of her space: She loved her dress-up wall and using her mirror (it was one of the first things I got set-up). Ever since I finished her duvet cover she now says her "princess bed" is her favorite thing in her room.

The Details: The butterfly mobile over her bed is made from scrapbooking paper backed by craft paper and hung with clear wire from clear removable Christmas light hooks. I pin-tucked the duvet out of a clearanced king-size duvet cover. I also made two grey pillow covers with flower accents. The dress-up wall is a work-in-progress. The shelf is from IKEA, and the picture frames were clearanced at Target. The handprint art canvas is something her friends made her when we moved from Florida.