Shared Kids Room | Ian's outdoorsy boy space

In the tour of Brylee's fancy girly space, I mentioned my goal in the kids sharing a room was to keep their individual spaces decorated separately and personal to them. Here is Ian's space in their shared room.

Ian's 3 Style Items: tree diaper cover, We Planted a Tree book, faux wood picture frame

Ian's 3 Personal Items: polka dot blanket, brown stuffed puppy, stuffed tree w/ animals

Inspiration for Ian's Space: Ian is still young enough I haven't tuned into his "style." He's a boy, I'm pretty sure he could care less what I came up with for his bedroom. He loves eating sticks and rocks when we go to the park, and I love colors and patterns inspired by nature--these details seemed the perfect theme for a boy's room. I enjoyed working green and brown into his space. Everything is easily updated or changed when Ian is old enough to choose his own favorite colors and hobbies.

Go here >> to see Kids Room inspiration board on Pinterest

Challenges: Expressing the tree theme without going overboard on trees. As it is, there may be just a couple too many trees for such a small space, but it could be worse. I've delayed in making his mobile because my favorite ideas revolve around creating another tree.

My favorite piece or element in Ian's space: I love Ian's heartbeat pillow with his initials embroidered in the tree trunk. This started as a vague idea, and it turned out better than I hoped. I also love the square frame with green and white striped fabric. It was so simple, but a perfect addition.

Ian's favorite parts of his space: He loves playing with his basketball hoop, and taking toys out of the bookshelf to play with. It's nice to have these things accessible for him, but out of the way enough to give him a little space to play with them.

The Details: The 9x9 cube bookshelf from Target organizes some of Brylee's and Ian's toys. The tree art above his bed is inspired by the book "We Planted a Tree" made from circle trees cut out of scrapbook paper. Above the bookshelf is a framed green-and-white striped fabric from IKEA with a cutout of a leaf from black paper. Beside that are coasters from IKEA with Ian's name, a tree outline, and his birthday. The tree pillow is something I made to hold Ian's fetal heartbeat recording. He's still little enough we don't have major bedding for him yet. That will be updated as he gets older.

Brylee and Ian have similar polka dot blankets and similar stuffed puppies--this wasn't planned!