Pictures of Fatherhood {happy father's day!}

After Brylee was born, they put her on my chest to calm her racing heartbeat. My exhaustion and stress weren't doing anything for her, so Daniel scooped her up in his arms like a natural daddy and started singing to her--a funny song he made up on the spot. Of course I cried, but I think even without the flood of post-labor hormones that sweet moment between daddy and baby would still bring tears to my eyes. That was just the beginning of Daniel proving what an amazing father he would be.

Daniel, I am amazed everyday at the new depths of commitment you show to our kids. When you come home after a long day at work and lay on the ground and let the kids climb all over you. When you wrestle with them, make up impromptu games, and turn mundane things like cleaning or going to bed into something fun. You teach them about sports and gave them a love for music, even letting them "play" your guitar. You read to them and make a fool of yourself with them. You show them everyday how to live a joyful life and, most importantly, how to have a relationship with Jesus.
I love that I see the best of you in them. Brylee has your fun-loving personality, and loves putting on a show like you. Ian has your fiery passion, and is a bit of a computer/technology geek like you. And they both got your gorgeous good looks. It's true that you make cute babies, but that's not all you do--you're an awesome daddy, too!
I love you, honey! Happy Father's Day!

I've heard girls marry men like their fathers. That didn't exactly happen for me, mainly because I am like my father. Introverted and quiet. Deep thinker that has to warm up to people before getting too cozy. Maybe even a little intimidating at first. I am lucky enough to know a special fun side to my dad that few people know.

Dad, You are such an incredible example of commitment and being a reliable and self-sacrificing father. Years of hard work to send us kids to Adventist schools and provide all of our needs. Spending time with me collecting bugs and teaching me about nature. Leading out in family worships when we were young and sharing your talents with guitar and the dulcimer. Your awesome faith in leading our family to Tennessee and such a fun and relaxing year living on the lake and seeing your spontaneous side in making good use of the boat. Your comfort when I had my first migraine. Your fun dance to the kookaburra song and letting us see the smirk behind the mustache.
Thank you for teaching me by example, including me in thought-provoking conversations, and opening your heart to also share these amazing parts of yourself with my kids.
I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!