Project Eliminate | Before-and-After

Project Eliminate Wrap-Up // before and after minimizing
This post is what keeps me going through a month of Project Eliminate. I didn't get through all 27 areas, but I got rid of more than 27 things and made awesome progress in some of our main problem areas. Keep reading for some before-and-after photos of my proudest moments through this Project Eliminate. And feel free to share yours in the comments below!

Otherwise, I'll return for more apartment improvements this fall when I dive into my yearly Home Cure.

before and after organizing coat closet

Front Closet

I already shared the coat closet progress, but this before-and-after definitely deserves to be in this list of my proudest accomplishments. A few things were relocated, but everything else was organized just by simply taking it out and putting it back in a way that made more sense.

Before + After Small Space Portable Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

A portable kitchen island has been on my wish list for a little while. I got to spend Mother's Day morning at IKEA and found just what we needed on clearance! We left out the middle shelf, so the recycling and trash fit perfectly on the remaining shelf. I'd like to finish or paint it, but haven't decided the details. More on that when it actually happens.

before and after organizing kitchen cupboard

Kitchen Cupboard

The corner shelf in the kitchen is where I keep baking supplies and our glass containers for leftovers. (Just recently bought the glassware to replace all of our plastic gladware and love it!) However, anything pushed to the corner space was unreachable, so everything was in a jumbled mess toward the front of the cupboard. Enter a couple lazy susans from IKEA and a few glass jars to hold the baking supplies. The smaller jars and glassware fit around the lazy susan which is pushed to the corner to get best use of the space. I just spin to reach whatever I need. Then the larger jars of flour, etc. fit at the front sides for easy access. Love this solution!

before and after cleaning up laundry area

Laundry Closet

The recycling looked tacky sitting around the kitchen, so I set it on the dryer where I could hide it away behind the closet doors. Random boxes gathered here and a difficult to access box of Daniel's car/garage stuff started overflowing. As mentioned above, the recycling was moved to the new kitchen island. The car/garage stuff was organized in two unused crates we had sitting around. Other items were returned to where they belong, and there's now a clean space where my sewing machine is supposed to go. In the top right corner is a bag of clothes/blankets I hope to repurpose for some crafts soon, but I'll let those linger a little while longer. Now I actually have access to the lent filter and just might empty it before Daniel has to remind me.

before and after simlifying kids' room

Ian's Side of the Room

I've had Brylee's side of the room mostly done since fall when I made her duvet cover, Daniel hung her shelf and I set up her dress-up wall. Ian, on the other hand has had a crib and that's about it on his side of the room. Not anymore! I finally put together their bookshelf, hung a couple pieces of "artwork" for him, along with the heartbeat tree pillow I made for him. I'm loving the progress and how each child's side of the room is specific to them. Will post more on the room in the next couple months.


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